The History of Tatton Hall, Knutsford

Knutsford is one of the oldest castles in Britain and also one of the most visited. Popularly called Tatton Hall, this property dates back to Medieval times. What makes Tatton hall tick is not only its architectural brilliance, though. Nature surrounds the hall all around. Picturesque landmarks dot the length and breadth of the property. It is no small wonder that it is one of the most visited medieval castles in the country.


The historic estate is located in the Northeast town of Knutsford, in Cheshire. The amazing thing about this estate is that it houses different properties. There is a Mansion, a manor house, Tatton Hall itself, the Old Tatton Hall, a Park garden, a farm, and a 2000 acre deer park. Annually, Tatton Hall hosts hundreds of events. Even famous TV shows like BBC programmes and movies, like the Peaky Blinders, were shot here.

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Current Owners

The current owner of the estate is the National Trust, but the Trust shares management responsibilities with the Cheshire East Council. One of the most famous cultural events hosted here is the yearly Royal Horticultural Flower Show.

Who built the Manor?

No one can say for sure. What we do know, based on historical accounts, is that Sir Thomas Egerton added a new wing to the Hall in 1598. At the time, he was the Lord Chancellor of England. It had steward and master bedrooms and all the delights of an opulent castle. 

Fast forward to the 1770s; his descendants decided to erect a new hall on the spot where the current neo-classical mansion stands. The original building of Sir Thomas was left alone to be a farmhouse. Years later, the farmhouse became a living quarter for workers. Today, the old Hall is open to visitors who can roam freely as they explore the breathtaking features hacking back into the past Victorian, Tudor, and Elizabethan ages. The Egerton family owned the estate until the 1950s, after the end of World War II.

A significant structural Landmark

Tatton Hall has more than a few structural landmarks, making it a notable historical estate. One of them is the Chuck Barn situated in the Old Hall. The barn boasts a rustic symmetry and is a perfect example of 16th-century architectural brilliance.  Paired timbers were used to construct it to form a letter A shape. Tatton Hall’s Chuck Barn has stood for generations until a rehabilitation project in 1976.  

This location in Tatton Hall tells a clear story of its history. This is why schools visit this part of the estate for educational and recreational activities. The barn offers kids the opportunity to grind, wind, and thresh, just like their ancestors did several centuries ago.


Tatton Hall is home to a very rich history. This site serves as both an educational and a recreational site.  There is a lot to see and much more to do here. If you are looking to enjoy a lovely time with your family, why not bring them to Knutsford? A visit to this historic part of England is worth the time and resources.

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