Faded Reality Game Review

Faded Reality, beautiful Monica just went through a successful operation for her cornea. Slowly, through blur vision at first, she opened her eyes and saw her doctor in front of her. Her doctor congratulated her on the successful operation and asked if she feels alright. Monica replied she is feeling fine, but with only one complaint.She is seeing some visions of a few places when she closes her eyes, a bit vague and not clear. As if they are the visions of her past donor. She feels that both her and her donor shared the same vision and she needs to investigate and find out herself.So here she is, with her car keys, off she go to find the places that she sees from the memory. She is shocked; this is the place from her vision. Several things here evoke some vague memories. As a player in Faded Reality, you have to take a closer look at them to try and find out the reason for this subtle feeling.To solve the mystery behind each scene and proceed to the next stage, you have to find the hidden objects according to the items listed at the bottom part of the screen. Items listed such as paint brush, chain, feathers, keys and scoop. Find all the items hidden. If you could not find any item, you can use the hint for the clue. However, once a hint is activated, you have to wait for a while till you are able to use the hint again. 먹튀사이트

There is a refreshing difference from the rest of the hidden object games. Faded Reality includes alphabetical search and once you have found the missing letters, you have to link the letters to form a complete word.Once you have done that, then only you can unlocked the missing items. Once the missing item is successfully removed, click on the item that is hidden behind the item. In short, you will find 2 missing objects in sequence once you manage to find the missing letter.There are some mini-games in between the different scenery. Form the correct words from the alphabetical letters to get the clue for the next item. You can relate and go to two different places to get the patch up the clues and missing items.Sometimes, I could not find the one or two items listed, so I tried to click ferociously on the picture to try my luck. Faded Reality does not penalize gamers for too many wrong clicks; instead they just provide warning not to click so many times at the same place. As for the hint, they do not have a limit to the number of hints we use. So overall this is an easy game and not too taxing. However, I wish this game is more challenging though.


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